Thank you for taking the time to check out my "About me" page.  I am primarily an equine photographer, specializing in horse shows and fun farm shoots.

I firmly believe that I got my passion for photography from my parents.  There was hardly a birthday, family gathering, or romp in the snow that one of them didn't have a camera!  I was fortunate that my parents finally caved into my begging for horseback riding lessons at age 7, and have been riding ever since.  I primarily showed saddleseat on my American Saddlebred, Premier's White Linen, but also showed hunt seat and drove my father's team of Belgian draft horses. 

After spending about 10 years living in the midwest and south, I moved back to New Hampshire and have been photographing horse shows, families and pets, and landscapes every chance I get.  I absolutely love taking every day moments and turning them into timeless pieces!