Dallys Malenfant Photography | Saturday Afternoon
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59. Limit Rider Pleasure - Open to all Seats60. Western Seat Equitation Under 1861 & 62 . Academy Lead Line64. Walk Trot Pleasure Horse or Pony 10 & Under65. Academy Rider 17 & Under Pleasure WT66. Academy Rider 17 & Under Equitation WT67. Pinto/Paint Pleasure Under Saddle Championship68. NEHC Western Pleasure Horse or Pony69. Open Color Breed Pleasure70. Academy Lead line Walk Only70a. Appaloosa Pleasure71. Walk-Trot Equitation 11 to Adult72. Western Seat Equitation Championship 17 & Under73. NHH&TA Western Pleasure74. Appaloosa Pleasure Championship75. Open Color Breed Pleasure Championship76. Ranch Horse Pleasure Championship77. Western Pleasure Championship78. Western Pleasure $100.00 Classic